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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Code: 0034

Colours available: Blue (sold) , Brown (sold), Black (sold) & White (sold)

Size: Free size

Length: 110cm

Price: RM55

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable :(

Lovely lovely lovelyyy :) Victorian inspired maxi dress that will definately get heads turning in your direction! Long, soft and flowy and extremely feminine, this dress a mighty beauty ;) Smocked back for the sweetest fit, would you fancy a cuppa me luvs?




Code: 0033

Colours available: Brown

Length (from each end including buckle) -100cm

Price: RM36

Status: Sold out!
Le classic brown belt with white trimmings ;)


Code: 0032

Colours available: Dark brown

Length (from end to end including buckle) : 96cm

Price: RM36 (sold)

Status: Sold Out!
Vintage belts anyone? Thick leather material with the vintage brown to funk up your outfits!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Code: 0031

Colours available: Purple (sold) , Black (sold) & White (sold)

Price: RM65

Status: Sold out! - Restockable!
Handbags! We know guys tend to ask the same question ; "Why do girls need so many bags? All you do is dump your stuff in it and you're good to go!" We say, WRONG. A girl can never have too many bags! Or... shoes... or dresses... or... er, you get the point. But this lovely handbag is neither too big nor too small! Of a good material too so it looks classy, and not cheap! Hey, we take pride in our stuff, and ensure material's are good because we want everyone to look, and feel amazing. :D



Monday, November 17, 2008


Code: 0030

Colours available: As seen in pic

Sizes available:
35 (4) (sold)
36 (5) (sold)
37 (6) (sold)

Price: RM60

Status: Sold out!
Note : Postage: RM8 (WM), RM10 (EM) due to weight
Omg talk about LOVELY heels! Tiny stripes of black and silver, pair this off with anything from dresses to basic shorts, and they'll not only glam up your outfit, but will draw massive attention to those gorgeous legs! Standing at a dangerously sexy 4 1/2 inches, these aren't only gorgeous, they're actually very much elegant as well. We ask you, do you dare strut your stuff in these? ;)



Monday, November 10, 2008

Absolute Bazaar

Firstly, would love to congratulate the organizers for having such a huge success in the event! :) And also thank each and everyone of you guys who came over our stall to check out our stuff! It was really nice meeting everyone. Lastly to the boyfriend and also the bff - xiao who came over and helped us out through out the whole event! Thank you!! :)
Now for the pictures!

pssssst we still have the handbag in purple, white and black! mail us if you're interested! :)

Once again, Thank you! :)

credits to
luzzio and dailydosageoftheclassy&fab for the pictures!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Absolute Bazaar

Helloo everybody!!

We would like to tell ya'll that French Kiss will be selling our lovely items on the 8th of November @ Absolute Bazaar!!
It'll be held at 3k Hotel from 11am till late!
So be sure to come!!!
-From us @ French Kiss


Code: 0029

Colours available: Black (sold) ; Blue (sold) ; Purple (sold) & Pink (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM48
NOW RM 30!

Status: Sold out!
More off shoulder goodies! Also of jersey material, this lovely top can be worn for just about anything!


Code: 0028

Colours available: Patterned Black (sold) & Maroon (sold)

Size: Free size

Price: RM19

Status: Sold out!
Patterned tights or coloured tights anyone? Very fashionable don'cha reckon? :)




Code: 0027

Colours available: Light Grey (sold) ; Cream (sold) ; Dark Grey (sold) ; Black (sold)

Size: Free size

Price: RM54

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable
Honestly there isn't much to be said about these cardi's. OH! Serena Van der Woodsen has a piece like this ;) Ala Gossip Girl.


Code: 0026

Colours available: Black(sold); White (sold) ; Pink (sold) & Purple(sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM49
NOW RM 35!

Status: Sold out!
Want a dress that screamssssss sexy? Here it is! Made of jersey material, this off shoulder dress has a fitten hemline to show off your sexy body! Pair it with a waist clincher too add to the sex appeal. My my my. From clubbing to sipping cocktails, grab em before they disappear!
*belts can be purchased @ Fabulous You




Code: 0025

Colours available: Purple (sold) , Red (sold) & Yellow (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM39

Status: Sold out!
If my boyfriend sees me wearing this, he'd be wondering how I got into his closet! Lovely vertical lnes to create that slimmer illusion, this boyfriend tee can be buttoned all the way and belted to be worn as a shirt dress! Or simply leave buttons undone for that sexier look ;) We love boyfriend tees!!! And we love our boyfriends too nonetheless!


xoxo! :)


Code: 0024

Colours available: As seen in picture :)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM68
NOW RM 43!

Status: Last piece available! Grab it! :)
This maxi dress comes in only one colour! The burst of floral motives on it draws fierce attention from the crowd! Only wear it if you dare ;) Not at all for the faint hearted!


xoxo! :)


Code: 0023

Colours available: Black (sold), White (sold) & Red (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM49

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable!

This mini dress will work wonders to petites! For you taller ladies, pair em with stockings or tights or just go without em if you dare! Plunging V-neckline and that lovely hemline, this lil number will get heads turning! Sweet and sexy. We likee. ;)


xoxo! :)