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Sunday, September 21, 2008


Code: 0015

Colours available: Black (sold) ; Green (sold) ; Red (sold) & Blue (sold)

Black & Green -UK6
Red & Blue - UK8

Price: RM49

Status: Sold out!
Oooo now this is a very pretty little thing don't you think? It has alllll your wants and needs in one little tube top! Cute tri-buttons on its front, tiny vertical lines to give the illusion of a slimmer bod, attached waist clincher to accentuate your waist line and it comes with a side zip to ensure a perfect fit! Oh, did you notice the bottom hemlines? They're like tulip tops yo! (We know tulip dresses but this is a tulip top (?))
OH heck, grab em before it's too late either way!


Code: 0016

Colours available: Blue (sold) ; Red (sold) & Black (sold)

: Free size

Price: RM43

Status: Sold out!
Fancy a lil bit of the gingham-ish look? Well not entirely, but it works for us anyway. Casual and just soo cute with the smocked back to give that perfect lil fit and even gives that lil impression that its a two piece! Tee hee, adorable, much?

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Code: 0013

Colours available: Hot pink (sold) ; White (sold) ; Blue (sold) & Purple (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM49

Status: Sold out!
Slither into a room with this to-die-for mini dress/top and intoxicate the crowd. You know you'll look hot in this no matter what. Tube top that fits nicely to ensure it won't drop if you're busy on the dance floor, and a bubbly bottom hem to add a touch of flirtiness! The solid gold serpeant tends to bring out the darker side of a person. Sssssmashing, no?

Rest and Relax

Code: 0014

Colours available: Green (sold) ; Beige (sold) ; Black (sold) & Light Grey (sold)

Size: Free size

Price: RM49

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable! :(

Always wanted to be able to take the whole 'morning-after-boyfriend-shirt' look to a new level? Here it is! Our version of the oh-so-comfy boyfriend tee with a slight twist. Tie it up, let it be, wear it any way you want it! This sexy thing is definately THE top to have! Totally versatile and charming on the sides.