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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clearance Sales

Since we won't be updating for a while, we've decided to give all you crazy shopaholics out there a crazy bargain on all our last piece items! Plus its only a few days away to Chinese New Year, the more reason to shop!! So grab it while you can! ;)

Pink (sold)
RM 30
Click "here" to the original post!

Pink (sold)
Click "here" to the original post!

See anything you like? ;)
Mail us at
or sms us @ 012-6361576

P/S: Priority will be given to those who can make their payment the fastest! :)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Good and Bad news!

Well we have good and bad news.
Good news is that we'll be selling our lovely lovely items again at the Absolute Bazaar on 17th & 18th Jan!
So cancel those dates, dinner or lunch whatever you have on that day! Get on over to 3k Inn! :)

As for bad news, well... We'll be on a long long break after this bazaar as our photographer's camera and laptop was stolen a few days ago.. So he won't be taking any pictures for us in the mean time.. :(
But we'll be back sooon (hopefully)! Don't worry! :)

xoxo! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Black Tights!

Hey sweets!

We've just restocked our Black Footless Tights! :)

Its 280 denier! :)

Only for RM 18! Grab it now! :)

Sold out!

For those who are interested, just email us at


xoxo! :)

Friday, January 2, 2009


Code: 0045

Colours available: Dark Brown (sold) , Blue (sold) , Black (sold) , Fuchsia (sold) , Purple (sold) and White (sold)

Size: Free Size (Best fit UK4-UK10)

Price: RM 34

Status: Sold out!
Simply sweet and charming like its name. With its variety of sweet colours, you could almost smell the scent of a garden of daisies. This mini dress not only compliments your body figure, its comfortable and suitable for every occasion!
p/s The chamomile plant is from the daisies family fyi. :p

Black Rose

Code: 0044

Colours available: Black

Size available:
34 (4) (sold)
35 (5) (sold)
36 (6) (sold)
37 (7) (sold)
38 (8) (sold)

Price: RM 35

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable! :(
Note : Postage: RM8 (WM), RM10 (EM) due to weight

Kinda looks like a plain simple black pumps, but wait, there's a little rosey at the end of it!
Ahhh, now that's what I call a classic - with a twist...


xoxo! :)

Cherry Mocha

Code: 0043

Colours available: Dark Brown

Size available:
35 (4) (sold)
36 (5)
37 (6) (sold)
38 (7)
39 (8) (sold)

Price: RM 64

Status: Sold Out!
Note : Postage: RM8 (WM), RM10 (EM) due to weight
It's rich chocolaty colour, with a tinch of cherry red on its soles. 'Cherry Mocha' gives out a bold taste together with tease of sweetness in it.