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Thursday, December 18, 2008


Code: 0042

Colours available: Blue (sold) , Red (sold) & Purple (sold)

Size: Free Size (Best fit UK4-UK8)

Price: RM 38
NOW RM 29!

Status: Sold out! - Not restockable :(
Beau | bō |
n. ORIGIN late 17 cent. meaning 'beautiful'
Licou | lee'coo |
n. halter, woman's sleeveless top which is secured at the neck and at the back

With its seductive 'peacock' motif, teasing 'v' neck line (that shows the right amount of cleavage *winks*), and alluring bare back; this dress will definitely and literally bring sexy back. A perfect dress that is humble but yet eye catching for Christmas and New Year parties. And definitely a bargain for you girls at only RM 38!

Featured! :)


Bohemian Rhapsody

Code: 0041

Colours available: Purple (sold), Blue (sold) & Red (sold)

Size: Free size

Price: RM 43

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable! :(

No, we're not talking bout that English rockband... This outstanding top; ala French Bohemian gypsies, is a perfect outfit for those artsy-fartsy ones out there and even non-comformist fashioned individuals. It's light sheer fabric (with dark lining inside) makes it ideal on a hot bright sunny day! Ooolala~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Code: 0040

Colours available: White (sold) ; Purple (sold) & Black (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK6-UK8)

Price: RM29

Status: Sold out!
Waist clinchers! And pretty ones to boot! There ain't much to say bout em, but they're pretty and they jazz up any outfit! Grab em now we say!! :D


Code: 0039

Colours available: Purple (sold) & Black (sold)

Size: Free size (Best fit UK4-UK8)

Price: RM49

Status: Sold out! :)
We wanted to say this top is so Blair Waldorf - but that's a lil too cliche dont you think? So how bout it we say it's very Grace Kelly? Would you agree? Okay, maybe not. But we know you'd agree with us that this is a veryyy pretty and has that tinge of classiness innit. Do take note to wear another layer inside (be it a tube or whatever) to avoid peekaboo flashes! Oh, and the pockets are adorable, no? ;)


xoxo! :)

Sheer Paradise

Code: 0038

Colours available: As shown in pic.

Size: Not for petite sizes (Best fit UK8-UK12)

Price: RM42

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable
Pretty sheer floral piece that's best for the bodylicious ladies out there! Sweet and very flirty, this top can be worn for a day out or even to the beach! Pair em with white shorts and white thongs for the best chilled out look. Flirty never looked so comfy!



Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Code: 0037

Colours available: As shown in pic.

Size: Free size (Best fit UK4-UK8)

Price: RM49 - One piece only!

Status: Sold out! - Not Restockable! :(
Bling bling baby!!
Hit the clubs and the blinding lights will only make you the centre of attention! Purrrrfect for dancing and a great night out! Extremely sexy when paired with gorgeous killer heels. Show off those gorgeous legs and arms and you know all eyes are on you ;)


xoxo! :)


Code: 0036

Colours available: Black/white (sold) ; Grey/white (sold) & Yellow/white (sold)

Size: Free size

Price: RM39

Status: Sold out!
Love stripes? Here's a massive twist to it! Butterfly sleeves, off shouldered, the vertical lines give the slimmer effect but to a point where it's balanced off once more with the horizontal stripes at the bottom hem! Sexy whn paired with just about anything! Don't worry bout the stripes, they compliment just bout every body shape! ;)




Code: 0035

Colours available: Black (sold)

Price: RM49 - one piece ONLY!

Status: Sold out!
Another handbag for you ladies out there! This ones much simpler than the one before but just as stylish! Comes with a detatchable strap to change this lil number into a sling! Not too big nor too small, this number is sleek and prettyy :D


xoxo! :)